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domenica 2 ottobre 2011

QSL Radio Universe

Hello Davide,

Thank you very very much for your reception report, I am very happy to be received over there in Italy (first time as far as I can remember).
My output power is about 130W so I am satisfied to hear my signal on the audioclip! I use a half-wave dipole, 2x 11.5 mtrs long with the top on 7 mtrs high and the end at 2.5 mtrs low.
Some time ago I always listened to Mistery Radio from Italy on shortwave but I don't hear them anymore, do you know this station?
I enclosed my eQSL, I hope you like it.
Thanks again and I hope you will hear me again in future!

All the best from western part of Holland,

Radio Universe, operator Wim.

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  1. purtroppo le radio pirata in om e oc saranno sempre più predominio di tedeschi e olandesi... beati loro!!!