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giovedì 25 agosto 2011

QSL card from our coaststation Oostenderadio

Dear Mr  Morotti,                            ,

I hereby wish to give you confirmation that you actually  heard a broadcast of the Coaststation OOSTENDERADIO on navtex  frequency 518 kHz.

These navtex messages, concerning navigarional warnings and  informations to shipping,

are broadcasted 6 times a day, every 4 hours, starting at 03.10 UTC.

Its range is a large part of the North Sea.

The transmitter we use for this broadcast is of the type ‘SAIT-Davlonics CST 2001’ with a power of 1 kW,  located at Middelkerke, 51°11N 002°49E.

I hope this confirmation is sufficient on your request.


F. Vandenbrouck

1OM COMMC Zeebrugge


1918-1930 rebuilding of the coast station - callsign OST - located at Oostende

1929 r/telephony operational - callsign OSU

1932-1940 modernisation of Oostenderadio - located at Stene

1947 transmitters located at Middelkerke - receivers located at Stene

April 1st 1964 opening of a new station located at Oudenburg

full remote control of all transmitters located at Middelkerke and at Ruiselede

Dec.15th 1977 opening of a ultra-modern station in the center of Oostende

r/telex fully modernised and operational

radio traffic on VHF, MF and HF - r/telephony and r/telegraphy

1987 full automatic Navtex

Nov. 1995 closing down of HF r/telegraphy

Feb. 1999 DSC fully operational

2001 Oostenderadio becomes part of the Belgian Navy

March 2004 closing down of r/telex

Oct. 30th 2006 station located in a new Comm Center at Zeebrugge 51°20N 003°12E


MF transmitters Marconi H1141 - 10 kW - located at Middelkerke 51°11 N 002°48’23 E

HF transmitters Marconi H1140 - 10 kW - located at Ruiselede/Wingene 51°05 N 003°20 E

NAVTEX transmitters SAIT-Devlonics CST 2001 - 1 kW - located at Middelkerke 51°11 N 002°48’23 E

lunedì 22 agosto 2011

QSL Mustang Radio

Hello Davide

many thanks for the report that you send my!always happy whit it
and great audio files!!

many thanks and until next time

Best regards Herman Mustang Radio MW/SW pirate

Ricevuta con Kenwood R5000 ANT. long. wire 180 ml.

domenica 7 agosto 2011

Yaesu FRG 7700 l'ultima arrivata

Era da un po'che volevo provare questo ricevitore  e direttamente dal regno unito l'ho acquistata.
bella, spartana , 12 canali memorizzabili , audio superbo , in ricezione paragonabile al mio vecchio e fidato Kenwood R5000. ottima per le broad casting .     un bel acquisto.