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giovedì 25 agosto 2011

QSL card from our coaststation Oostenderadio

Dear Mr  Morotti,                            ,

I hereby wish to give you confirmation that you actually  heard a broadcast of the Coaststation OOSTENDERADIO on navtex  frequency 518 kHz.

These navtex messages, concerning navigarional warnings and  informations to shipping,

are broadcasted 6 times a day, every 4 hours, starting at 03.10 UTC.

Its range is a large part of the North Sea.

The transmitter we use for this broadcast is of the type ‘SAIT-Davlonics CST 2001’ with a power of 1 kW,  located at Middelkerke, 51°11N 002°49E.

I hope this confirmation is sufficient on your request.


F. Vandenbrouck

1OM COMMC Zeebrugge


1918-1930 rebuilding of the coast station - callsign OST - located at Oostende

1929 r/telephony operational - callsign OSU

1932-1940 modernisation of Oostenderadio - located at Stene

1947 transmitters located at Middelkerke - receivers located at Stene

April 1st 1964 opening of a new station located at Oudenburg

full remote control of all transmitters located at Middelkerke and at Ruiselede

Dec.15th 1977 opening of a ultra-modern station in the center of Oostende

r/telex fully modernised and operational

radio traffic on VHF, MF and HF - r/telephony and r/telegraphy

1987 full automatic Navtex

Nov. 1995 closing down of HF r/telegraphy

Feb. 1999 DSC fully operational

2001 Oostenderadio becomes part of the Belgian Navy

March 2004 closing down of r/telex

Oct. 30th 2006 station located in a new Comm Center at Zeebrugge 51°20N 003°12E


MF transmitters Marconi H1141 - 10 kW - located at Middelkerke 51°11 N 002°48’23 E

HF transmitters Marconi H1140 - 10 kW - located at Ruiselede/Wingene 51°05 N 003°20 E

NAVTEX transmitters SAIT-Devlonics CST 2001 - 1 kW - located at Middelkerke 51°11 N 002°48’23 E

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