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giovedì 27 giugno 2013

QSL Odynn Radio

ODYNN RADIO TWENTE                                                                   

P/O BOX :     73                   

ZIPCODE:      7160 AB





Hallo David ,

My name is Mark and I am 46 years old.

I am living in the east part of the Netherlands in the region that is called Twente in a little village called Enter with +/- 6000 inhabitants and is about 30 kilometers from the german border.

I am living together with my girlfriend Angelique and daughter Iris of 5 years old now , we have also a dog named Odynn and a cat named Sylvester.


My Sw transmitter at this moment is a homebrew tx and will give 120 Watts carrier and there are 2x829b inside and is also modulated by 2x829b.

My Mw transmitter is also a homebrew tx and there are 4 x 6146 valves inside modulated by 2 QQE 06/40 and will give me 230 Watts of carrier.

My Sw antenna is a dipole on 4.5 meters hight and my Mw antenne is a spoolantenna and is 9 meters high.

Where you can find me?

That’s easy : on mediumwave I will be somewhere between 1611 and 1670 KHz and on Shortwave you can find me somewhere between 6270 and 6330 KHz.

I hope you will listen to Odynn radio again when it is possible


Greetings Mark (Odynn Radio Twente)


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